Shirtless Antonio Te Maioha

You can’t beat Shirtless Antonio Te Maioha’s fantastic body. If we could rip off his armor I am betting we would be pleased with his goods. Te Maioha is best known for his gladiator role of Barca in the television series’ Spartacus. He doesn’t currently have any upcoming roles but we will keep pumping out his awesome pictures.

Naked Marcel McCalla in Footballers’ Wives

Marcel McCalla played Noah Alexander in the show Footballers’ Wives and they shot this awesome Ass scene. McCalla is best known as Nathan Charles on Grange Hill. Man, what an ass!

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Shirtless Cress Williams in Hart of Dixie

Shirtless Cress Williams has an incredible hairy chest. We don’t get to see very many Black Male Actors sporting such sexy, hairy chests Williams is currently on the show Hart of Dixie, playing the role of  Lavon Hayes.

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Black Male Actor Amin Joseph Shirtless

Shirtless Amin Joseph has a body in its own class. Yum! If you are a Joseph fan you should check out his most current film, The Expendables. It is out of the theaters but hopefully coming to our homes soon. See all of our nude male celebs here

Naked Bokeem Woodbine in The Big Hit

Now there is a shot of a black ass that can get you droolin’! Bokeem Woodbine got nude in the film The Big Hit. You will probably best know him from the show Saving Grace.  Watch for him playing Harry in the upcoming film Total Recall!

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Milk Chocolate Merlin Santana Shirtless

Unfortunately Merlin Santana past away in 2002 but that doesn’t mean we can’t remember him as the Shirtless hottie that he was.  Santana was best known for his role in The Cosby Show.

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Shirtless Lamman Rucker


Ripped is how we would describe Lamman Rucker. You can catch Rucker on the Tyler Perry show Meet the Browns. He has also appeared in episodes of All My Children, Half & Half and in the films Why Did I Get Married, Why Did I get Married, Too and I’m Through With White Girls.

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Kevin Hart to be in Think Like a Man

Shirtless Kevin Hart has a great bulge in his… underwear?… swimsuit? Anyway, Hart is a stand-up comedian and actor. He has a steady flow of work in both film and TV. He will be appearing in the new film Think Like a Man, April 20, 2012.

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Shirtless Soap Hunk Lawrence Saint-Victor

Shirtless Lawrence Saint-Victor is best known as a Soap Hunk from the show Days of Our Lives, playing the character Remy Boudreau. Since the show ended in 2009, Saint-Victor has had small parts in a couple of movies but he hasn’t moved on to anything where we could see him on a regular basis. It is a shame because he is totally ripped and in this scene we can imagine getting wet and wild with him!

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