Nude Stomy Bugsy

Nude Stomy Bugsy is a French rapper and actor. He started out with the hiphop group Ministere AMER and then broke off from them in 1996 to go solo. Most of his films have been small parts and all of them have been foreign.

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Rampage Jackson Shirtless

Shirtless Rampage Jackson is a former UFC Light-Heavyweight title holder.  He then became prominent in Japan’s Pride Fighting; a mixes martial arts organization. Jackson has also worked on the big and small screen. His most current project is the film Duel of Legends.

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Shirtless Morris Chestnut

You may recognize Shirtless Morris Chestnut from the film Boyz n the Hood or the more recent TV series, V. Unfortunately the series was recently canceled. Hopefully Chestnut will be cast in a new series or at the very least get some hot parts in some new films. No matter where he goes – skinless would be preferable!

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Shirtless Flex Alexander

Shirtless Flex Alexander is probably best known for his role as Mark “Flex” Washington on the TV series One on One. He will be starring in the upcoming sereis It Takes Two.

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Wayne Brady Shirtless

Shirtless Wayne Brady is one the funniest men in Hollywood. He is currently hosting the show Let’s Make A Deal as well as participating on the new show Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza.

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Shirtless Hosea Chanchez

I found this Shirtless picture of  Hosea Chanchez and knew I had to post it immediately. Chanchez is best known for his role as professional football player Malik Wright on the TV series The Game.

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Shirtless Texas Battle

Shirtless Texas Battle has got an incredible body. Battle has played Marcus Walton on The Bold and the Beautiful since 2008. shows that he is on a new TV series Death Valley but I can’t find any information about the show. Shame.

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Naked J.D. Williams

You should recognize Nude J.D. Williams for his starring roles in the TV series’ Oz and The Wire. He played Preston “Bodie” Broadus in The Wire and in Kenny Wangler Oz.

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Shirtless David McIntosh

Shirtless David McIntosh is a Royal Marine Commando and a member of the of Sky1 TV series Gladiators. He goes under the name Tornado.

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Eddie Murphy Shirtless

Shirtless Eddie Murphy has gone from funny man to sexy hot man.  It’s crazy that Murphy just turned 50 this year ad he looks so incredible! Watch for Tower Heist, to be released November 4, 2011.

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Shirtless Benjamin Patterson

Shirtless Benjamin Patterson is has spent most of his acting career making appearances on the small screen. Some of the shows he has appeared on include: The Bold and the Beautiful, Noah’s Arc, CSI: Miami, Brothers & Sisters, and Shark.

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Shirtless Terry Crews

Shirtless Terry Crews has one fine body. The basket ball is getting in the way of his package and that is a total shame! Crews currently stars in the TV series Are We There Yet?.

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Shirtless Toyin Koyejo

Shirtless Toyin Koyejo is an Actor, Model and Musician. He is really just getting started in each career so we haven’t seen much of him… unfortunately. We can carefully watch for him in the upcoming film A Dangerous Place, to be released some time this year. I don’t know how big of a part he has, but hopefully it is Shirtless or Nude!

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