Eric D. Hill Jr. Naked

Eric D. Hill Jr. NakedEric D. Hill Jr. Naked

Eric D. Hill Jr. Naked

The Television series ‘Orange is the New Black’ is incredible.  They’ve shown quite a few naked male celebs over the years, but this might just be our favorite.  Eric D. Hill Jr. gets naked during a sex scene and we get a really good look at his ass.

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Shirtless Antonio Te Maioha

You can’t beat Shirtless Antonio Te Maioha’s fantastic body. If we could rip off his armor I am betting we would be pleased with his goods. Te Maioha is best known for his gladiator role of Barca in the television series’ Spartacus. He doesn’t currently have any upcoming roles but we will keep pumping out his awesome pictures.

Shirtless Michael Clark Duncan Passed Away This Week

Black and Bulky Michael Clark Duncan looks like a man of health. Well this week he passed away from a heart attack. I found it to be very sad news.  Duncan’s most current role was as Leo Knox in the show The Finder. Unfortunately the show was canceled after just one season. I thought it was great. He is best known for his role as John Coffrey in the film The Green Mile. He received and Emmy and Golden Globe award for his performance in the film.

B2K’s Raz-B’s Unbelievable Black Cock

Raz-B shows off his unbelievable cock in a tweet picture. One to be proud of. Raz-B is from the band B2K and he has also done some acting. We will watch for more naked pictures of him!

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Shirtless Lamman Rucker


Ripped is how we would describe Lamman Rucker. You can catch Rucker on the Tyler Perry show Meet the Browns. He has also appeared in episodes of All My Children, Half & Half and in the films Why Did I Get Married, Why Did I get Married, Too and I’m Through With White Girls.

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Shirtless Black Stud Keith Robinson

Shirtless Keith Robinson has a pumped body that gets me all pumped up! Robinson is best known for his role as Joel Rawling from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.  He has done appearances on TV and film since than and is currently working on several projects now. Watch for him in upcoming films Divorce Invitation and Caught on Tape.

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Kevin Hart to be in Think Like a Man

Shirtless Kevin Hart has a great bulge in his… underwear?… swimsuit? Anyway, Hart is a stand-up comedian and actor. He has a steady flow of work in both film and TV. He will be appearing in the new film Think Like a Man, April 20, 2012.

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Shirtless Robbie Jones from Hellcats

Shirtless Robbie Jones is best known for his role as Lewis Flynn on the show Hellcats. The show ran for two seasons (2010-2011) and although it won a People’s Choice Award in 2011 it wasn’t renewed. He will be appearing in the upcoming film Transit in March, 2012,

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Shirtless Antwon Tanner from One Tree Hill

Shirtless Antwon Tanner is best known for his role as Skills Taylor on the show One Tree Hill. Tanner has been acting since 1996 and this is his first regular part in a TV series.

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Shirtless and Hot Christian Vincent

Shirtless Christian Vincent is best known as Ricky in Noah’s Arc. He had a small role between 2005-06. Other than that he has had small roles in other series and film. We are watching for him to land a Naked scene and will post it as soon as we see it!

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