Shirtless Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke has a fantastic bulge and a hot body to go with it. Clarke has specialize in acting/screen writing English films. He is in three films coming in 2012: Fast Girls, Storage 24 and Saving Santa 2012.

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Shirtless Antwon Tanner from One Tree Hill

Shirtless Antwon Tanner is best known for his role as Skills Taylor on the show One Tree Hill. Tanner has been acting since 1996 and this is his first regular part in a TV series.

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Shirtless Olympic Winner David Oliver

Shirtless David Oliver is a professional athlete who  specializes in the outdoor 110 meter hurdles and the indoor 60 meter hurdles. He won a bronze medal in the 2oo8 Olympics and another bronzie at the 2010 IAAF World Indoor Championships.

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Naked Luke Bailey in Cirque De Celebrite

Luke Bailey flashed his beautiful naked ass in a scene from the TV series Cirque De Celebrite. He is best known for his role as Sam Bateman in the show Casualty.  He than worked on the show Waterloo Road in 2009. Since than Bailey hasn’t been around much. It is a shame because we enjoy seeing this hunk of a guy.

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Shirtless Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez

Shirtless A-Rod is looking stunning lounging in the sun.  A-Rod is a third baseman for the New York Yankees. He is currently the record holder of home runs, breaking 600. He is currently dating beautiful Cameron Diaz so sorry all, for now he is off the market!

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Shirtless Busta Rhymes

Shirtless Busta Rhymes is a rapper, producer and has also done some acting. Rhymes is probably best known for highly skilled rapping technique, which involves rapping at a much faster rate then others. He has received eight Grammy nominations for his musical work.

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Lemar Obika Shirtless

Shirtless Lemar Obika  is a British recording artist. He is best known for finishing in third place on the first series of the British talent show Fame Academy.

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Shirtless Omar Epps

Shirtless Omar Epps is best known for his role as Dr. Eric Foreman on the show House, M.D. He has done several movies and some TV work also but it seems that he enjoys the role that

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Michael Jai White Shirtless

Shirtless Michael Jai White is one fine actor. I will watch anything he is in. While checking him out I just found out he just began a new web series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy. I have personally never watched a web series but because White is starring in it, I may just check in to it.

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