Shirtless Cress Williams in Hart of Dixie

Shirtless Cress Williams has an incredible hairy chest. We don’t get to see very many Black Male Actors sporting such sexy, hairy chests Williams is currently on the show Hart of Dixie, playing the role of  Lavon Hayes.

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Black Male Actor Amin Joseph Shirtless

Shirtless Amin Joseph has a body in its own class. Yum! If you are a Joseph fan you should check out his most current film, The Expendables. It is out of the theaters but hopefully coming to our homes soon. See all of our nude male celebs here

Naked Bokeem Woodbine in The Big Hit

Now there is a shot of a black ass that can get you droolin’! Bokeem Woodbine got nude in the film The Big Hit. You will probably best know him from the show Saving Grace.  Watch for him playing Harry in the upcoming film Total Recall!

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Milk Chocolate Merlin Santana Shirtless

Unfortunately Merlin Santana past away in 2002 but that doesn’t mean we can’t remember him as the Shirtless hottie that he was.  Santana was best known for his role in The Cosby Show.

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Shirtless Lucien Laviscount from Big Brother

Shirtless Lucien Laviscount first became noticed on the show Grange Hill, he then made several guest appearances on Coronation Road. Laviscount was very popular on the reality shows Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.

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Christian Keyes from Let’s Stay Together

Shirtless Christian Keyes is currently playing the role of Troy on the show Let’s Stay Together.  Before this role Keyes had small parts in TV shows, TV movies and videos. Let’s hope that his is a step to a well deserved future in acting!

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Shirtless and Sexy Michael B. Jordan

You should recognize Shirtless Michael B. Jordan from the show Friday Night Lights if you don’t stay home during the day and watch All My Children, where he played Reggie Montgomery in the mid 2000s.  Jordan is in the films Red Tails and Chronicle, both recently released.

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