Nelly Half Nude

Nelly Half Nude

This is a great half nude shot of rapper Nelly. If you’re not familiar with Nelly, you should be. His music was super popular in the late nineties and early 2000’s. The type of hip hop music that makes you want to dance. Have a look at our growing collection of naked black actors.

Shirtless Surfer and Actor Chris Taloa

Shirtless Chris Taloa is best known as a surfer and boards man but he has also done some acting. His most current movie was in 2011 in the film Knots. His most popular film was probably Into the Blue from 2005.

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Milk Chocolate Merwin Mondesir Shirtless

Although Shirtless Merwin Mondesir is incredibly sexy, he has not gotten a real break in his acting career. Since it began in the late 90s he has mostly made guest appearances on TV shows. He has been in credited movies, but they have been relatively small parts. We will watch for him to get a larger part and hopefully they will rip his clothes off!

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Shirtless Craig David Working Our on the Beach

Shirtless Craig David has been working out and his reward is this incredible body. Our reward is looking at his incredible body! We will be patiently waiting for his next single to come out – one in the near future?

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Shirtless Rapper DMX

Shirtless DMX is a member of the hip hop collective Ruff Ryders. He has also had many acting roles. His best-selling album is his 1999 album …And Then There Was X. His films include: Belly, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds and Cradle 2 The Grave.

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Soap Hunk Rhasaan Orange Shirtless

Shirtless Rhasaan Orange played Thomas Edward ‘Tek’ Kramer on the daytime Soap Days of Our Lives. He was on the show from 2003-2007. He is going to be in the TV movie OB/GY Anne, playing the role of Dr. Richard Robbins sometime in 2012.

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Shirtless Cornelius Smith, Jr. from All My Children

Shirtless Cornelius Smith, Jr. is the Soap Hunk Frankie Hubbard in All My Children. The daytime soaps are falling away so we don’t know what will happen to all of these studs, but we can still drool over all the hot pics!

Cornelius Smith, Jr. Naked

Shirtless Donald Faison from Scrubs

Shirtless Donald Faison is best known for his role as Dr. Christopher Turk in the TV comedy Scrubs. Faison took a small role in the 2011 show Love Bites but it was canceled before it got a chance to really get going. He will be playing the role of Phil Chase in the TV series The Exes which premieres November 30, 2011.

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