Shirtless Black Male Actor Damian T. Raven

Damian T. Raven hasn’t yet been fully recognized by his audience but we are still hoping. He looks fantastic Shirtless and we will at least get to see him that way until his next appearance in a show or on the big screen.

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Shirtless Busta Rhymes

Shirtless Busta Rhymes is a rapper, producer and has also done some acting. Rhymes is probably best known for highly skilled rapping technique, which involves rapping at a much faster rate then others. He has received eight Grammy nominations for his musical work.

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Shirtless Omar Epps

Shirtless Omar Epps is best known for his role as Dr. Eric Foreman on the show House, M.D. He has done several movies and some TV work also but it seems that he enjoys the role that

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Michael Jai White Shirtless

Shirtless Michael Jai White is one fine actor. I will watch anything he is in. While checking him out I just found out he just began a new web series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy. I have personally never watched a web series but because White is starring in it, I may just check in to it.

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Shirtless Simon Webbe

Shirtless Simon Webbe is best known from the British boyband Blue. He is also a singer-songwriter, actor and music manager. The films that Webbe appeared in are The Truth About Love and Rollin’ with the Nines.

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Rockmond Dunbar Shirtless

Shirtless Rockmond Dunbar is best known for his role as Kenny Chadway on the TV series Soul Food. He also had a role as Benjamin Miles ‘C-Note’ Franklin on the show Prison Break. Other than these two series Dunbar has done many other parts on the big and small screen.

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Shirtless Jesse Williams

I think Shirtless Jesse Williams is one of Hollywood’s hottest Black Male Celebs today. You will find Williams on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy playing the role of Dr. Jackson Avery.

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Shirtless Chucky Venice

Shirtless Chucky Venice is an English actor. He is best known for two TV roles. Each of these roles he played a footballer. The first was as Curtis Alexander in Sky One’s Dream Team and the second as Termaine Gidigbi in Footballers’ Wives.

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Shirtless Coby Bell

Shirtless Coby Bell has a great body and a great face! If you like the light skinned celebs he’s your man! Bell has been on the TV series The Game playing Jason Pitts since 2006 and recently he has been making a guest appearance as Jesse Porter on the show Burn Notice. Keep him busy but get him shirtless!

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