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Eric D. Hill Jr. Naked

Eric D. Hill Jr. NakedEric D. Hill Jr. Naked

Eric D. Hill Jr. Naked

The Television series ‘Orange is the New Black’ is incredible.  They’ve shown quite a few naked male celebs over the years, but this might just be our favorite.  Eric D. Hill Jr. gets naked during a sex scene and we get a really good look at his ass.

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B2K’s Raz-B’s Unbelievable Black Cock

Raz-B shows off his unbelievable cock in a tweet picture. One to be proud of. Raz-B is from the band B2K and he has also done some acting. We will watch for more naked pictures of him!

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Naked Bokeem Woodbine in The Big Hit

Now there is a shot of a black ass that can get you droolin’! Bokeem Woodbine got nude in the film The Big Hit. You will probably best know him from the show Saving Grace.  Watch for him playing Harry in the upcoming film Total Recall!

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