Greg Oden Self-Shot Naked Pic


Portland Trailblazers’ Greg Oden rocked the NBA with scandal last year after he got busted showing off self-shot naked pics. He admitted they were him, paid a fine and moved on… but we’ll always remember.

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Mehcad Brooks Shirtless and Ripped

Mehcad Brooks is on the move again. He went from Desperate Housewives to True Blood, then to two quickly canceled shows The Deep End and My Generation. Now Mehcad has been tapped for a USA pilot called Necessary Roughness. Brooks is one of the hottest black male actors out there today and was reportedly in high demand. Hopefully Necessary Roughness and Mehcad make it this time!

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Jamie Foxx Shirtless

Jamie Foxx Shirtless
Jamie Foxx Shirtless

Jamie Project Foxx is a true renaissance man… an Oscar-winning actor, writer, Buyers producer, RSA director cheap mlb jerseys and musician. cheap nba jerseys His wholesale mlb jerseys latest flick Shirtless Due Date Shirtless, is in theaters wholesale jerseys now, cheap mlb jerseys and S? he was snapped enjoying some fall sun last week showing off his Drummer smooth body…and head.

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