Up an Coming Black Male Model Dynast Hollis Shirtless

We ran across Shirtless Dynast Hollis who is an up an coming Black Male Model who we hope makes it in the fashion scene so that we get more great pictures of him.

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Male Model, Sandhurst Tacama Miggins, Nude

Naked Sandhurst Tacama Miggins is best known from the second season of the reality show Make Me A Supermodel. He currently lives in Pennsylvania working as a model.

Sandhurst Tacama Miggins Naked

Dorian Standberry’s Full Frontal Nude Shot

Name:  Dorian Standberry

Nude Dorian Standberry is an aspiring model and actor. He was formery on BET’s College Hill Atlanta. He recently became popular with leaked nude pictures from his personal email account. Something for us to enjoy!

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Shirtless Toyin Koyejo

Shirtless Toyin Koyejo is an Actor, Model and Musician. He is really just getting started in each career so we haven’t seen much of him… unfortunately. We can carefully watch for him in the upcoming film A Dangerous Place, to be released some time this year. I don’t know how big of a part he has, but hopefully it is Shirtless or Nude!

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Shirtless Nate Gill

We love posting up and coming Black Male Models. Shirtless Nate Gill has done modeling for GQ Stye, Out and V. He is totally hot and I hope that he gets more work so that we can continue to post hot pictures here on Black Celebs Blog!

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Ricky Whittle Shirtless

Shirtless Ricky Whittle has one incredible package to offer and a face to go with it! Now if we can just get him to bare it all! Whittle plays the character Calvin Valentine on the show Hollyoaks.

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Shirtless Wilson Cruz

Shirtless Wilson Cruz is a gay actor best known for his role as Ricki Vasquez in My So Called Life. He is also a Black Male Model. Vasquez is active as a mentor to gay youth, especially gay youth of color.

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