Football Safety Darren Sharper Shirtless

Darren Sharper definitely has the body of a football player.  Sharper was drafed as a safety by the Green Bay Packers, moved to the Minnesota Vikings and is currently playing as a free agent for the New Orleans Saints. He is a five-time Pro Bowl selection, and was named to the NFL’s 2000s All-Decade Team.

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Kevin Mambo Shirtless and Oh So Hot

What a body on Kevin Mambo! Mambo is a former soap hunk and gave day time couch potatoes reasons to tune in to the soaps. One place that you can definitely expect to see tons of guys with their shirts off. His most current work was in the film The Southside, in 2012.

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Michael K. Williams Shirtless

If you like dark chocolate Michael K. Williams is your man. This isn’t the greatest picture of him but it gives us an idea of how hot his body is. He currently plays Chalky White on the series Boardwalk Empire. Also, watch for him in the film Snitch, coming out in February, 2013.

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