Greg Oden Totally Nude

NBA Player, Shirtless Greg Oden, plays the position of center for the Portland Trail Blazers. He is currently the “Team Oden” spokesperson for Oregon Mentors, promoting mentoring for kids. Oden is part of the group of celebs that are taking self shots of himself nude. Great for us!

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Brian J. White Naked

Brian J. White

Former footballer turned actor Brian J. White hit the big screen with a bang with this full-frontal nude scene. You might have seen him recently on CSI Miami or Men of A Certain Age.

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Marcus Patrick Naked

Marcus Patrick Naked

Its time to bust out Contoh some of wholesale nfl jerseys our full frontal 15 nude black male celeb pics and Underwear who better to start 2010 with than Shirtless Marcus Patrick?! One of the best of photo wholesale jerseys shoots cheap jerseys ever. He got canned from his Sexy role on Days of Our Lives for posing naked, but he’s got a couple of movies listed in production at OpenReflex IMDB… maybe cheap nba jerseys a nude scene? We know he’s not camera shy!

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